A dip in the "Bella Èpoque"

The 14 original rooms of the Villa continue over the years to welcome and pamper our guests. Comfortable, elegant and bright, furnished in style and inspired by the well-being of our guests, designed to combine the “Bella Èpoque” atmosphere with the most modern comforts.

A luminous choice where you can feel the embrace of nature within the comfort of a modern environment. A true gem by the lake.

Spacious and welcoming inside, with a comfortable and relaxing private terrace outside, offering a unique view of the lake.

Soft as a gentle caress, its warm colors will provide tranquility and relaxing moments.

Elegant and refined spaces with warm, soothing colors—a stay to rediscover the pleasure of tranquility.

Young design and harmonious lines, offering an original lakeside experience.

The sounds and hues of the lake enhance the serenity of this room, providing rest and comfort in modern style.

Delicate tones in a spacious and comfortable environment, perfect for savoring moments of serenity amidst nature’s reflections.

A glimpse of the lake’s currents, its colors, and melodies. A room where you can live the poetry of unspoiled nature.

Intimate and discreet, with breathtaking views. Designed to offer the best comfort and maximum relaxation.

The warmth of soft colors that will make you feel right at home. A fresh and elegant solution that will make your stay unforgettable.

A view of the lake as you wake up, and another before you rest—a stay surrounded by the beauty of nature.

A window opening onto nature, where you can enjoy every comfort just like you would at home.

Close your eyes, breathe in the serenity of a warm and welcoming room, then open them to experience the full beauty of the lake.

Feel the harmony in a room kissed by the lake’s breath and caressed by the myriad of colors of the surrounding nature.


At the Camin Boutique Hotel, each room is ready to listen to a new story and create indelible memories.